Tuesday, January 27, 2009

things to buy

man, i've been in mood to shop lately!! usually when that feeling comes over me i head over to my bad habit urban outfitters and spend way too much time clicking around. today, i came across a pair of jeffrey campbell cut out boots that i instantly fell in love with. might wait till they go on sale, or NOT!

before meeting a friend for coffee tonight i made a quick stop at AA and this cute little dress cut my eye.
and now on to vintage! love these specs! from chigal


Danielle said...

that would make one smokin' outfit!

.Something Else Perhaps. said...

my mother outfitted me with a similar pair of specs when i was about 11. when questioned she told me it was the fashion. i think im still traumatized, some place deep down inside. :)

regina said...

they are pretty...pretty ugly.