Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a new lady in town

Featherheart not only happens to be my good friend and neighbor, she also just opened a brand new etsy shop! In her own words, "Featherheart’s herbal body products are made from the finest Italian olive oils, organic plants and the precious work of the bee. She does not use a lot of essential oils to fragrance her products, rather she uses raw plant material and it’s natural scent found in nature, infused in olive oil, giving her products highly healing and medicinal qualities that act to soothe not only the skin, but the body. . . because remember, whatever you put on your skin eventually gets absorbed into your body!
Even though you will never take away my Dior night cream, I'm a true convert! I am addicted to her lip balms! My lips haven't felt this smooth in ages. I also favor the Patchouli Salve! Although, I'm not the biggest fan of all things patchouli, this salve has changed me forever! It feels perfect on the skin and has the most amazing scent! If only her shop had a scratch and sniff option! Don't even get me started on Amma's Rose Lotion. So folks, hurry on down to Featherheart Trading Co. before everyone else in the world discovers her magical potions and lotions!

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