Saturday, October 9, 2010


I woke up today feeling a strange aching. Thinking about Russia, my home. Funny, how you never stop missing a place and that time in your life. Homesickness, but not really a physical place. Like an uprooted tree I feel alien in a lot of ways. Two years ago, in June, my wish of going back finally materialized. I was on a train to Moscow. This is the first photo I took through the window glass. My dear friend Amy, was my sole witness and I will forever be grateful to her for being there.


Anitra Cameron said...

So beautiful. I can understand your being homesick for it. It's tempting to say I hope you get over it, but better to hope you cherish the memories, and keep them precious in your heart.

regina said...

I love what you said. I'll never get over it, but that's not a bad thing. I like the longing.