Friday, August 19, 2011

northern michigan

Last weekend, we took a little trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes! Recently, voted as the most beautiful place in the country, Lake Michigan is truly magnificent. It's a wonder why I don't spend more time there! Our first night we stayed at a quaint B+B in Empire, a cute little town just outside of Sleeping Bear. Come to find out later, the charming house was haunted! The very nice lady, Holly later informed me that voices and music were often heard from the very room we slept in! The house was originally owned by a wealthy family that had five sons. Two of those sons got married and moved out, but three remained. One day the eldest son went missing on the property never to be seen again! Creeeeepy!


style-for-style said...

Hey, we were just up there this past weekend! My family has been going to that area for a million years. So beautiful. I love it, Empire, and Frankfort (further south) has the best beaches, and the whole area is dripping in vintage treasures

regina said...

vintage treasures!?! ooooh, next time i'll have to hit that!