Thursday, January 21, 2010

lucky you

Some new designs are showing up in my shop, including these little horseshoe earrings. Lightweight and perfect for wearing daily! Increase your luck! I decided to find out why they carry so much luck! Here is what came up;

The horseshoe invokes the crescent moon or 'sacred vulva' shape of pagan moon goddesses (Artemis, Diana, etc.), and so invites their protection. The (usually) seven nail holes in a horseshoe invoke the traditionally lucky number 7. Horseshoes are usually iron, and iron repels fair-folk, keeping your house free of mischievous demons, imps, pixies, and elves. Horseshoes are associated with blacksmiths, and smithing is considered a lucky profession. A witch cannot walk under a horseshoe. If the devil gets to close to a horseshoe, he will be sucked in. A horseshoe in your bedroom will keep nightmares away. Horseshoes can cure hiccups.

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